Welcome to the BRACathon Season 3.0!

BRACathon is a platform which is designed to encourage & engage Bangladesh’s youth technology students and professionals in solving some of the nation’s social problems. BRACathon is an opportunity to put your creativity into action, to utilize your problem-solving skills to come up with an effective Technology solution to a particular challenge. Enthusiasts from across the country will attend and gather to brainstorm for creating an user-centric solution.

You could be a student, an academic or a recently graduated entrepreneur, waiting to turn your innovative idea into a reality. Want to be a part of social development? Want to think and solve Nation’s concurrent problem?- this is your opportunity to make a difference.

Industry leaders will attend and judge the effectiveness of your solutions, and your ideas will be tested in the field. Which team will prevail and what will they create? Stay tuned for the coming weeks as the coverage of the event continues. Be sure to follow our live updates on our social media!