quotemarkTo me wining Bracathon is the chance get an identity as a champion of Bracathon.

Wining Bracathon give me the confidence and courage to cope up the current technological market and software industry. Which has helped me a lot in time of job interview after my graduation, that has really changed my life.

Winning this title has given me the opportunity to work in a real life project, which has really boosted my profile for the future.

Bracathon has give me the chance to work in a professional environment with BRAC IT at student stage, Which really helped me a lot to gather experience.

o me Bracathon is one of the life changing opportunity, has motivated me a do something in life and also give me the kick start which is unforgettable.quotemark-end

Team Cardinal

quotemarkFor me, it opened the door to work with professionals.

Funding and gathering experience from Bracathon helped to make my startup.

After working with the international organisation like BRAC it gave us the platform to reveal my self.

As a newbie into the professional field, it showed me the way how to work with the professionals.

Its a stair to me which helped to sync with my basic profile to a professional career.quotemark-end

Team Candor

quotemarkBracathon is the biggest hackathon of Bangladesh right now. So, winning Bracathon was a dream and we were so much motivated and inspired.

From my BUET life i wanted to be an entrepreneur. But sometimes i was confused to take that risk. But after winning Bracathon everything was changed. I became so much confident that i focused on that path and I started my own startup “Rokkhi” this year with my team members .Even i could save some money from the prize money and invested in “Rokkhi”. Bracathon literally changed our lives.

A champion tag on Bracathon helped me to find my investors easily.  I got many connections and business links through this. Even I can remember after winning Bracathon i got a exciting job offer.

During contest we collaborated with other teams and mentors. We learned in that short time that how to pitch an idea effectively in 5 minutes.  and after winning we all gathered a lot of experience in many sectors like coding or communicating skills. Even half of my coding skill developed after winning Bracathon.

Bracathon still  is one of the biggest events of my life. It gives me so many opportunities that i am  grateful to this wonderful innovative event.quotemark-end

Team Blue screen of death(BSoD)

quotemarkWinning Bracathon meant a great deal to me as a student. I came to know about social problems and it definitely encouraged me to do something better for the country.

It certainly boosted my confidence and recognition.

It’s one of the biggest national level hackathon in Bangladesh, it made my career prolific

I got to meet many friendly people, the fellow competitors, mentors, organizers. We shared experience, knowledge, ideas. Field visits helped to learn more about the problem domain and real-life scenarios.

To me, Bracathon is a sweet memory and I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage youngsters to participate in this amazing event quotemark-end

Team AOS

quotemarkBRACathon was not just about winning a competition, it gave me a network and platform to build my career.

We got $5000 from bracathon and give opportunity to worked with Aarong dairy enterprise.It was great experience to work with Aarong.

Bracathon was a great achievement for me. It give me social respect, network, platform. It boosted my carrier.

Bracathon give our a platform  to worked with aarong enterprise, They give our technical and industry expert mentor. We learn lot of thing from their.

Now our team hire more 6 people. They worked for our Team. We are developed now world class industry level software and it was possible only for bracathon.quotemark-end